Intra Fuel (High Octane Muscle Fuel)
Intra Fuel (High Octane Muscle Fuel)
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Intra-Fuel by SAN was created for the ever increasing demand of products that are taken during training to block muscle tissue breakdown, provide proper muscle hydration, and increase
endurance and stamina. Intra-workout supplementation plays a key role in ensuring that athletes get the most out of their workouts, and thus, Intra-Fuel takes workouts to the next level. Intra-Fuel is stacked with FREE FORM and ESSENTIAL amino acids to further enhance the anabolic response during training.

Along with its anabolic stimulating properties, EAA & BCAA’s have been proven to combat the dreaded catabolic aftermath of post workout training as well as to delay muscular fatigue and increases stamina*. Intra-Fuel also features the muscle carnosine boosting & PH buffering supplement “beta-Alanine”. By preventing the muscles from becoming too acidic, beta Alanine aids your workouts by supporting overall endurance, decreasing muscle soreness while boosting muscular strength and power resulting in unparalleled workouts. Together this tag team of vital compounds supports the regulation of Nitric Oxide production, and healthy growth hormone levels*. Bottom line, Intra-Fuel will help to preserve strength while dieting or provide the necessary building blocks to maximize protein synthesis during a bulking/mass phase.*

intra-fuel-608g carnosyn-sup Directions For Intra-Fuel: Mix one scoop of Intra-Fuel in 16 Oz. of water and Shake well. Allow the ingredients to dissolve for at least 2-3 minutes before consuming the product. Start sipping the solution right before and during your workout.

Warnings: Contains Phenylalanine

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