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The Ultimate Amino Acid To Stimulate Muscle Growth*

  • 5 grams of l-leucine per serving
  • Instantized for quick & complete mixing
  • Stimulates protein synthesis*
  • Supports nitrogen retention*

Muscle Growth Starts In The Cells

Increased protein consumption is an easy way to know that you’re supporting muscle growth, but there are certain essential and nonessential amino acids known to help exceptionally well. There’s one essential amino acid in particular known to stimulate protein synthesis in muscle cells.
Studies in the Journal of Nutrition show that leucine is a major component in the stimulation of protein synthesis, or muscle building, from dietary protein. The researchers believe it prompts the activation of mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin), which is the signal sent to the cells, and it’s vital for skeletal muscle growth.*
Using PERFORMANCE LEUCINE™ allows you to stimulate the building of muscle more so than any other individual amino acid. The instantized formula means the L-leucine is absorbed quickly, helping to promote more muscle growth immediately. Because of it’s hormone-supporting role, PERFORMANCE LEUCINE™ can also help decrease bodyfat.*
PERFORMANCE LEUCINE™ acts as the trigger for skeletal muscle growth.*


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