Lauren Kupis

I’m Lauren, a Neuroscientist at UCLA (Ph.D. Type.) I am also a national level bikini bodybuilder competitor. I research neuro development primarily, but I’ve done work studying autism, aging, cognition, and how health factors impact the brain. See my google scholar for all publications 😁. My thesis work involves discovering a bio marker for autism in babies prior to their diagnosis (usually at 3 years of age). I’m a scientist but I’ve always been interested in fitness. I’ve played sports growing up like soccer, tennis, and softball.

I first did powerlifting through college & running. Then when COVID happened, I decided to try bikini bodybuilding. This became a passion to learn about the science of fitness and nutrition and test what I learn on myself. That’s a big part of why I compete and push myself as a competitor. And I enjoy following how my brain has changed over time since I’ve changed my diet, mental strength, and physique.