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Look Better, Perform Better And Feel Better

  • Increased blood flow*
  • Enhanced mood and well being*
  • Potent fat-burning effects*
  • Natural aphrodisiac*
  • Elevated sexual performance*

Supports Performance And Well-Being

Yohimbe has been used for many years by those believing it would increase sexual vigor due to increased blood flow. The raw herbal form was believed to have potential aphrodisiac effects with the ability to intensify male stamina…
The true power of this bark sourced from African evergreens wasn’t truly realized until recently, when the purified yohimbine HCL found in YOHIMBINE became available. The tables have turned now that the maximum absorption of this Alpha 2 Receptor Antagonist is accessible. By blocking Alpha 2 receptors, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream so fat can be effectively burned off as energy. Combined with the potential appetite suppressant effects, this makes for a formidable fat burner.
YOHIMBINE can improve performance beyond just the ability to burn fat, however. Amplified blood flow not only supports an increased sense of well-being, it also means that it has stimulating effects to other areas that can help support normal sexual function. YOHIMBINE helps you to feel great, look better and perform to your maximum potential in all activities.


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