How Does SAN Affiliate Program Work?

SAN’s Affiliate program is a commission-based referral program in which you earn commissions by referring your friends, clients and/or family members to SAN.

Upon registering you will be provided a personalized & unique code and/or link that is to be given to your network. As a SAN Affiliate, you will become a trusted and valued family member of the SAN tribe which also provides you with the opportunity to inspire and promote health and fitness in your community.

If you are called to help and inspire health and fitness, while getting rewarded for it, we encourage you to enroll today:

Why Become A SAN Affiliate?

  • Be in the know how about new product releases, become a beta prototype supplement tester, provide invaluable feedback to improve and enhance SAN’s high-quality product range and more
  • Inspire and help friends, family, your clients and community by living healthier and fulfilling life’s
  • Partner with a 26-year old trusted-high-quality supplement brand
  • Receive custom coupon codes and discounts otherwise not available anywhere
  • Partner and team up with a mission oriented unmatched (uncompromised) quality supplement brand

How Do I Enroll?

Enter your personal information in all the required fields on the form below.

Once submitted you will receive a custom-tailored SAN Affiliate Welcome Kit after referring your first commissioned sale to us.

We will also be providing you with a custom referral code which you can share with your community basically giving each participant an additional 25% off on their very first order with SAN.

For every sale referred by you we will issue a 15% referral commission paid to you at each 1st of the following month.