3 Simple Ways to Boost Testosterone Production

3 Simple Ways to Boost Testosterone Production

Testosterone is a key anabolic hormone that most athletes strive to increase because of its positive effects on performance and recovery. Regardless of whether you're trying to build muscle, increase fat burning, or improve peak performance in any sport, testosterone is the king of hormones.

So you may be asking what the best ways are to increase your testosterone production without resorting to something dangerous. Here are three simple things you can do to improve your testosterone output naturally.

  1. Lift heavy weights... sometimes-but not too heavy too often because that will increase cortisol production (the stress hormone) which can work against testosterone
  2. Have a solid nutrition plan based on a balanced diet that contains fat, like eggs (some cholesterol can be beneficial as a building block of testosterone)
  3. Do high-rep leg workouts..this can be tough for a lot of people because higher-rep leg work can be exhausting.

The good thing about high-rep leg work is that it doesn't take much. Back in the day, the biggest bodybuilders used to benefit from big testosterone surges with one or two sets of 20-rep squats twice a week. Those who used basic workouts with high-rep squats, adding a bit of weight at almost every workout would add solid mass to their physiques over a six-week period.

Randall Strossen, Ph.D., author of Super Squats, said that he gained 30 pounds of muscle in six weeks on a high-rep leg program in his younger days. Joe C. Hise was another one who adopted an abbreviated routine with basic exercises and 20-rep squats which allowed him to tipped the scale at 229 in just one month after having been stuck at 200 lbs for ages. Friends don't let friends skip leg day, and real friends force their friends to endure high-rep squats.

There are also supplements with proven testosterone-boosting ingredients. Fierce with T-Drive is a potent pre-workout supplement with a T-boosting edge. Not only does it give you the ability to push through those high-rep leg workout- or any workout for that matter, but it also boosts hormone production with ingredients like Forskolin, D-Aspartic Acid, Yohimbine, and GABA, among all the other performance-enhancing nutrients.

There's no need to take drastic measures to boost your testosterone, try the simple steps above to boost your hormone production naturally, safely, and effectively. Yes, the high-rep leg work will be tough, but it's absolutely worth it for the results.

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