Train Together to Remain Together

Train Together to Remain Together

Exercise is obviously critical to achieving optimal physical health, and that's especially true if you have an office job or lead an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. But if you find it hard to find the motivation to exercise alone, remember that it doesn't have to be a solo sport. The truth is that there are so many great reasons to your relationship into a training partnership. Think of it as a saying, Train Together to Remain Together

It's been estimated that upwards of 75% of workers have a desk jobs, and that number is constantly increasing because of the constant growth in the tech industry and the ever evolving trend of work-from-home arrangements. If you stop to think about the number, that's a whole lot of people sitting for far too many hours every day. And the less active your job is, the more emphasis you need to put on exercise.

The best thing about exercise, and the one thing that should make it more inviting to everyone, is that there's no single definition of what exercises you have to do. Weight training, running, jogging, swimming, and biking are all perfectly fine activities depending on your goals. The level of effort directly correlates to your results, too, so higher intensity CrossFit and interval training are great for some goals while lower intensity options like yoga and walking are just as good for other goals. And all of those options can be done alone, but they're even better when training together.

Here's Why You Should Train Together

  • Goal setting: There's power in numbers, so when two of you have common goals, it's more likely you'll both achieve them
  • Motivation: There's something to be said about always having someone to keep you pushing, and you get to do the same for your partner
  • Accountability: It's much harder to slack off when you're watching out for one another
  • Physical closeness: Physical contact is always good, and this is especially true for longer-term relationships where that connection may be fading
  • Performance boost: Not only will your hormones be flowing at high levels when you're with someone you're attracted to, but you'll both try to perform your best to impress one another
  • Safety: It may not be the most exciting benefit, but having a spotter who cares about you not getting crushed by weights is a huge plus
  • Nutritional planning: Let's face it, getting in the habit of eating well can be the toughest part of health and fitness, but when you're sharing common goals and diet plans, it's much easier
  • Of course, it might not all be sunshine and smiles, so there are a few potential drawbacks you should also consider.

    Potential Drawback When You Train Together

    • Sweat: In most cases, this can actually be on the plus side, but getting sweaty is just part of the deal no matter what, yet if either of you are self-conscious about that, you'll want to keep a towel handy at all times,” which is important regardless if you're in a public gym
    • Smell: Another one that could essentially be on the plus side because of pheromones, so this probably isn't an issue for most people, but just make sure to stay clean,” although showering together to save water is another potential benefit
    • Faces and sounds: Let's be honest, when you're working out, you rarely look your best, so if you can both accept the faces and sounds the other makes, you'll be fine,” just try not to enjoy the grunts and groans too much in public
    • Distractions: If you've got a wandering eye, this one can be a relationship breaker, so watch out,” If you're exercising in a gym where there are scantily clad people roaming around, don't lose focus on the fact that you're training together with someone important

    Train Together to Remain Together!

    The benefits when you train together and exercise as a couple far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Living a healthy life with someone you care about is much easier than doing it alone, and it can bring a whole new level of closeness to your relationship. Plus, you'll both be healthier, in great shape, and have a stronger emotional bond. As an added bonus, you can stock up on your favorite SAN protein together or have his and hers jugs of your favorite flavors. Either way, it's a win-win!

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