Burn More Fat with More Blood Flow

Burn More Fat with More Blood Flow

Losing weight takes a lot of work, and it doesn't always happen predictably. You've probably noticed that fat seems to melt away from some areas of your body slower than others. Luckily, you might able to burn more fat with more blood flow.

What does blood flow have to do with burning fat? There's a notable difference between upper-body and lower-body fat burning, and that seems to be tied in to the fact that fat in your lower body has a less blood flow than that of your upper-body fat. Plus, lower-body fat doesn't have the same lipase activity (lipase is the enzyme that triggers the release of fatty acids from stored fat into the bloodstream).

If you're patient and continue your exercise and diet programs, your body will eventually use up all the stored upper-body fat and hopefully move on to burning off your stored lower-body fat. However, for some people, it can be a long fight trying to get problem areas to catch up.

All it takes is patience...or does it? If you you want to speed up the process, they're may be hope.

Slow-burning lower-body fat

Upper-body fat stores tend to oxidize more fat during exercise because of more beta-adrenergic cell receptors which tap into stored fat more easily. The lower body tends to have more alpha-2 adrenergic cell receptors which aren't in the same rush to shed stored fat.

So, how can you burn more fat with more blood flow to the lower body? Luckily, there are a couple of ways to do that, and they can be combined for even greater synergistic results.

Burn more fat with more blood flow to problem areas

An alpha-2 blocker like Yohimbine increases blood flow and allows your body to tap into stored fat in your lower body more easily. There are other great benefits from Yohimbine use, including improved mood,” for those times when you're struggling with your diet. Plus, it's known to be a potent, safe, and natural aphrodisiac. Win-win!

The other way to burn more fat with more blood flow is probably an obvious one... Exercise! More specifically, an increased number of reps for longer tension times on lower-body exercises can help target lower-body blood flow. That will improve the chances of your body grabbing onto lower-body fat deposits to fuel your workouts.

Rushing weight loss is never a good thing, so make a plan to give yourself enough time based on realistic goals. A balanced diet with a well-planned exercise program and Yohimbine supplementation can speed up the process and help burn more fat from everywhere on your body. Note: Yohimbine can be used on its own or combined with other synergistic nutrients in advanced fat burners.

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