Guggul What?!

Guggul What?!

No, guggul isn't what you use to search for things online. It's short for guggulsterone which contains plant sterols derived from the gummy resin of the Commiphora Mukul plant. They have centuries of history being used in Ayurvedic medicine and are more mainstream now, being used by the sports nutrition industry because of their effect on body composition.

While guggulsterone has other positive effects due in part to its potential anti-inflammatory properties, it's the effect on metabolism that it's most commonly used for in sports nutrition. It's believed that guggul helps convert T4 into the more active T3 thyroid hormone, making them a must-have nutrient in the battle of the bulge.

Here are a few of the positive guggulsterone attributes:

  • Support normal thyroid function
  • Natural, non-stimulant metabolism booster 
  • Promote healthy blood lipid and cholesterol levels
  • Reduce effects of acne
  • Inhibit inflammation

From a body-shaping perspective, guggulsterone is most noticeably effective for those who've been dieting but have hit a plateau due to decreased metabolism which could be a result of reduced thyroid production (T3 conversion).

Guggul can be used by just about anyone, but it's best to consult your health care professional if you are or might become pregnant or if you're currently using prescription thyroid medication, or any form of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).


One of the biggest benefits of when youuse guggul for your quest to naturally increase your metabolism and fat-burning abilities is that there's no stimulation to your nervous system, so you can get effective results without the jitters and anxiety associated with some stimulant-based fat burners."

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