Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

Although generally considered a weed because of its fast and invasive growth, Taraxacum officinale-ommonly known as dandelion-is actually a flowering plant with a complex root system. And despite its bad reputation among those seeking a certain landscaping look, there are actually several health benefits of dandelion root.

All parts of the dandelion can be consumed and have been used for decades in various prepared forms, most often brewed as a dandelion tea, but the root itself has herbal medicinal value, partially because it's a source of taraxasterol. Dandelion root is commonly used as a cleansing and detoxifying agent for the liver where it can aid in the elimination of metabolic waste from the blood.

Dandelion root is also used regularly as a natural treatment for urinary tract disorders, constipation, and skin irritation. It's even a popular treatment for mild seasonal pollen allergies and hay fever.

There are several other health benefits of dandelion root that you may not be aware of, including improved protein absorption, digestive assistance, de-acidification of the body, improved circulation, decreased cholesterol, anti-inflammatory effects, and balanced blood sugar levels.

Dandelion root can also be used as an effective part of weight control. It works as a safe and effective mild diuretic that clears waste products from the kidneys and prevents water retention. The root is high in potassium to offset the negative effects of its mild diuretic properties and ensure a healthy mineral balance.

Along with its positive effects on liver and gallbladder detoxification, it also improves bile production which has a positive effect on cholesterol and the removal of excess body fat. With its wide range of health benefits, dandelion root is particularly helpful for those interested in fortifying and protecting liver health as well as promoting healthy body weight.

Although dandelion root can be brewed from loose tea or in tea bags, or even drying out the root to make your own tea or powder, that process is time-consuming and makes it hard to get the specific amount of the beneficial taraxasterol from tea alone, so use Liver Support Formula for a much more convenient source with a precise method of delivery for the most benefits.

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