Make Time to Exercise

Make Time to Exercise


With how much you've got going on in your life and how many priorities are pulling on you from every direction, you probably feel like you just don't ever have any time to exercise. But here's a counterpoint: you're wrong!


That's not to say you don't have an excruciatingly busy schedule with at least 40 hours of work per week, let alone all your other obligations and responsibilities you may have like family, pets, or anything else that takes up your time. But if you look at your day and don't find the time for your health and fitness, it's simply because don't make the time.

Why You Don't Have Time to Exercise

We can all feel overwhelmed with the vast number of things we need to get done every single day of the week. You've probably even said several times over the last several months that €œI don't have any time in my schedule to exercise,€ but you might be surprised if you stop to really examine why you haven't been able to make time to exercise. Think about it this way, a good workout should only take 30-60 minutes per day a few days a week. That's only 2-4% of your day, and you're probably spending at least that much time doing things that you could skip or do some other time.

Where's my time being spent?

  • Social Media: According to studies, it's estimated that the average person spends at least two hours on social media per day. Two hours! And if your phone measures screen time for you, that number is probably higher. Cut that in half, and you'll have more than enough time to exercise regularly.
  • Television: You might believe that time spent watching TV has gone down, but if you include streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and others, there's plenty of time spent in front of "the tube". In fact, with those services factored in, daily TV viewing still averages up to five hours per day, or nearly 35 hours per week. Shave some time off your TV viewing and you'll be able to work out and even do some meal prep.
  • Sleeping In: That snooze option on your alarm is pure evil. If you set an alarm for 30 minutes before you normally have to wake -and skip the snooze button, you can squeeze in a brief but meaningful workout. Stop staying up staring at your phone and you can probably set that morning alarm 60 minutes earlier and get a serious workout in.
You CAN Make Time to Exercise!

As with anything that needs to be a priority in your life, you can adjust your schedule, so you do have time to exercise. You just have to make it part of your day. It could be as simple as reducing the amount of time you spend on social media in half or binging on one less program in the evening to make time for exercising.  Waking up earlier than you're used to can be challenging at first, but once it becomes a habit after a week or two, it will no longer be a struggle. Plus, you'll find out that getting a jump start on the day with a healthy exercise program will actually give you more energy to get everything else done through the day. Bonus! And while people will always debate what the best time of day to exercise is, the answer to that question is pretty simple: The best time of day to exercise is whenever you make the time. The biggest reasons to do it in the morning is because it can charge you up for the day, AND because you'll be done with it and won't come up with excuses not to go. Of course, if you feel like you don't quite have the spark to conquer the world first thing in the morning, get one of SAN's pre-workout formulas to boost your drive to exercise."

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