Set Healthy Reminders

Set Healthy Reminders

You hear the same excuses all the time for people not sticking with their healthy plans. Seriously, how often have you heard people complain that they run out of time and have to give in to fast food instead of the healthy meal they wanted? Or how many times have you heard them make that same excuse for missing a workout or other physical activity? And how many times has that person with excuses been you? Luckily, and thanks to modern technology, there's an incredibly easy way to annihilate that excuse: Set healthy reminders!

Sure, the age of electronics certainly has its drawbacks. Having your face buried in a mobile device takes away from relationships and keeps you entirely too "plugged into" every single aspect of the world around you, but there are a few benefits, too. There's the instant access to more information than we can really imagine, portable music and gigantic libraries of books, and an ultra-convenient way to keep track of calendars and schedules. That last one is particularly useful for those who claim to have no time for something as important as self-care.

If we're all being honest about this, it's not necessarily "running out of times" that causes us to skip workouts and opt for quick-and-easy unhealthy food choices. It's more an issue of time management. We live in an age when there's almost always something you should be doing, or at least something you feel like you should be doing,” such as distracting yourself with social media.

Set Healthy Reminders to Do the Things That Matter

If you don't have a Reminders app on your phone, there's always the "old-fashioned" alarm clock you can use, and either way, the number of alarms or reminders you can set seems to be limitless. Just be cautious not to increase your stress levels by setting too many.

You always have your phone with you, so why not take advantage of it to improve your health and well-being by setting healthy reminders.

Here are a few of the key reminders or alarms to get you started:

  • Wake up
  • Exercise
  • Healthy meal timing
  • Prepare your food in advance (either daily or weekly)
  • Personal time (or family time)
  • Go to bed

Sure, your wake-up alarm is pretty obvious, but just like you can't afford to skip that one or sleep through it' at least not if you have a job you'd like to keep, the same is true for the others. If you lose track of time so much that you forget to take care of yourself, your health will suffer.

Set healthy reminders for everything you need to do but often forget or skip, but remember that's only half the battle. You have to actually take action for each reminder or alarm. Exercise, eat well, spend quality time with yourself or your family. There's always time to do the things that matter, and that includes taking care of your own health.

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