Take a Break for the Health of It

Take a Break for the Health of It

When you're completely dedicated to your job, it can feel like you're doing wrong or slacking by taking time off, but working all the time can have a negative impact on your life, from job performance to personal well-being and everything in between. The key is balance, and the best way to find that balance is to take a break for the health of it!

Despite available paid time off, only about 45% of workers use all of their vacation time. That has a big impact both employees and employers. There are simply too many good reasons you should take a vacation.

Work Life

  • Reinvigorated workflow: Weekends provide temporary relief, but genuine vacation time can get you fully recharged for months.
  • Improved outlook: Vacation allows your mind the freedom to develop new ideas that can have a positive effect work output.
  • Improved performance: The return from a vacation has been shown to boost job performance and all around motivation.
  • Health and wellness: Regular vacations plans are great for your overall wellness, and that means reduced sick leave and personal days.
  • Employee retention: Your personal vacation time is actually great for your company, too. Employees who take vacations are less likely to suffer burnout.
  • Finances and economy: Vacations boost the economy, so even if it's tough to spend money on yourself, remember that vacation expenses are an investment in your personal well-being and the overall health of the economy.

Personal Life

  • Family closeness: Vacation with family and/or friends can bring families back together or strengthen existing bonds.
  • Physical and mental health: Stress is a literal killer, but the positive effects of vacation time on both your mental and physical health are outstanding.
  • Motivation and drive: A vacation is a great reminder that life away from work should drive and motivate you more than your work life, or there should at least be a good balance there.
  • Personal rewards: Vacation time provides genuine relaxation and good time with friends and family which are the best real-world rewards you'll ever experience.

There are far more reasons to take vacation than there are not to, and you don't have to spend your savings on some exotic trip. Even a "staycation" just enjoying time off at home and exploring your own area has all the same benefits. Whether at home or abroad, remember that your vacation means vacation. Just say "No" to work email. When you take a vacation for the health of it, you get to relax, unwind, and recharge.


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