What is Forskolin?

What is Forskolin?

The first thing you're probably asking yourself when you hear the name is, "What is forskolin?" Unless you've looked specifically for it, you might not know anything about it. Forskolin is an herbal compound derived from the roots of Coleus Forskohlii, and in its extract form, it's got some great health benefits. Forskolin's got a long history of practical use in ancient Ayurvedic medicines, but it's most well known currently for its potential fat-burning and hormone-balancing attributes, although it offers other health benefits outside of those.

Why Should I Take Forskolin? If you've been chasing lean-body dreams, you may have already heard of it before, as forskolin is extremely popular for its body-shaping and fat-burning benefits, and it's also highly regarded for its positive effect on healthy testosterone levels. With low testosterone levels being such a wide-spread issue in modern times, forskolin is a highly sought after herbal extract. It's ideal for athletes who need to decrease their body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and take advantage of all the benefits of healthy hormone levels.

  Potential Health Benefits of Forskolin:

  • Increases cyclic AMP (cAMP) for improved fat loss
  • Improves free testosterone levels (up to 33%) for increased lean muscle mass
  • Promotes strong bone health
  • Supports thermogenesis for increased weight loss
  • Mild appetite-suppressing effects for easier dieting and positive effects on body fat

Taken as a standalone supplement, forskolin is absorbed best on an empty stomach, but it's even more potent when maximizing synergistic benefits from other compounds in a blended formula for weight loss or natural testosterone-boosting. Regardless of whether you're fighting the battle of the bulge or on a quest to maximize muscle size, a forskolin-based formula is a great herbal addition to your body-shaping arsenal.

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