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Customer Reviews

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Andrew slate
Best plant based

I love the Vanilla

Linda Painter
Love Rawfusion!

I like the taste, it mixes well with a small blender, affordable.

I love this stuff.

This product is my favorite vegan protein. I have tried about 3 other versions and this is still the best. It mixes well and does not separate like Vega does.(gross)
The banana version is the best in my opinion. I make a frozen pineapple, kale, parsley and raw fusion juice in my Nutri Bullet Rx.
I get all the fiber and protein. This stuff makes it amazing!

Timothy Hill
Incredible Vegan Protein

If you search for Vegan Protein on Google, you get pages upon pages of new products in the last few years. If you stumble upon RawFusion shopping on the site you've found one of the best.
I discovered RawFusion at my local smoothie bar. Among a few mainstream Whey protein supplements, RawFusion is the only vegan variety they have and there's great reasons for it. It tastes incredible in whatever flavor you pick! It blends well and hardly ever clumps! You get all of your essential amino acids! I really dig this stuff and I get why my local smoothie bar offers it. Non Vegans love it! That being said, too, it does not smell like delightful whey protein flavored counterparts, so you have been warned. The taste pairs well with whatever you mix with it. Pea and rice supplements are just those, pea and rice. It's not a garden flower scent by any means.

If you are looking for a plant based protein for whatever reason, RawFusion is really good. I like it and I know others like it. It's not the most popular but it is significant in this quickly expanding catalogue of plant based products.


Raw Plant Protein That Rivals Traditional Protein

  • 21 grams of protein per serving
  • Promotes muscle building*
  • Helps prevent muscle breakdown*
  • Aids muscle tissue maintenance*
  • Easy mixing, great taste!

Discover the Power of Raw Plant Protein for Optimal Nutrition

Experience the exceptional benefits of Rawfusion®, a raw plant protein powder that surpasses traditional protein sources. This NON-GMO, vegan-approved formula provides nutrient-dense, plant-based protein to meet your daily protein requirements. With Rawfusion®, you'll enjoy an easy-to-digest, delicious non-dairy protein formula that packs an impressive 21 grams of 100% natural protein per serving.

Our 100% plant-based protein matrix, which includes Pea Protein Isolate, Sprouted Brown Rice, and Artichoke Protein Concentrate, offers a fully balanced nutrition solution for all individuals. In fact, Rawfusion®'s amino acid profile, boasting over 4.5 grams of BCAAs per serving, rivals that of milk/whey protein, ensuring optimal muscle building, prevention of muscle breakdown, and support for muscle tissue maintenance.

Thanks to our advanced sprouting process, Rawfusion® provides a premium protein source with a favorable combination of fiber and naturally occurring vitamins. This negates any argument about the necessity of animal-based protein, making Rawfusion® the ideal choice for those seeking a complete and sustainable protein solution.*