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Oj Spruiell
Great product!

Noticed a big change in the gym. Strength continues to increase. I only take one a day. I will continue to use it.


I have been taking CLA since quite few months and I see a great difference... I have never been
this lean! I take from 3-4 pills a day and stack it with 1.5-2 grms of L-carnitine.
Each SAN CLA capsule contains 1gr of active CLA compared to 800mg with most competitors.
Price is great as well and I trust this brand!


Use this to build muscle and lose weight . Stack with L-Carnitine and NA-R-ALA use 3 times a
day after meals. I can see a great improvement over time (3rd bottle) becoming more lean and
losing fat. Recommend to anybody.


This one of my fav supps. This one tho is very effective! You can really tell the difference in
weeks. I stack it with L-carnitine.


Reduce Body Fat And Increase Muscle Mass

  • Quick-release softgel
  • Convert body fat into energy*
  • Stimulate lean body composition*
  • Support healthy immune system function*

Reduce Fat And Increase Muscle Mass*

Contrary to popular belief, incorporating beneficial dietary fats into your regimen has been recognized by athletes for its numerous advantages. However, some of the most advantageous fatty acids are primarily found in food sources that may be inconvenient in terms of the quantities required to reap their benefits.

The initial research on CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) conducted at the University of Wisconsin sparked interest in this naturally occurring fatty acid. Subsequent studies have demonstrated its positive impact on promoting lean body composition and supporting immune system function.

Pure CLA 1250 is designed to not only inhibit fat accumulation and facilitate the conversion of fat into energy but also to positively influence cholesterol levels (as long as you don't indulge in excessive pizza and pasta consumption). Alongside its key fat-burning benefits, Pure CLA 1250 also aids in muscle development, amplifying your body-shaping potential.

With Pure CLA 1250, you can embrace a healthy approach to achieving a lean body while enhancing your overall well-being.*