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Organic Matcha Supreme


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Robert A.
Love this product!!!

Tastes great and mixes well.

Great product!!

Clean energy that does not have a crash


Experience the Excellence of Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • Sourced from revered Japanese growers with a century-long tradition
  • Certified organic, radiation-free, and GMO-free
  • Rich in Green Tea Catechins for optimal health benefits
  • Expertly ground into a fine powder for effortless mixing and whisking

Discover the Authenticity of Japanese Origins

For over 1,000 years, only the finest and purest tea leaves have been carefully cultivated and reserved. SAN presents Organic Matcha Supreme Ceremonial blend, sourced from these exclusive reserves!

Independent tests confirm that SAN's Organic Matcha Supreme offers the highest levels of Theanine & Caffeine available... GUARANTEED!

Each year, our Japanese growers meticulously select and grind the harvest into micronized powder. Lab-tested and certified, only the finest leaves are included in our full-bodied, Koicha-style green tea blend.

Indulge in a sweet, sublime blend with the cherished umami taste you expect and love.

SAN's Organic Matcha Supreme is of unparalleled quality, incredibly challenging to produce, and even more rare to source in significant quantities.

Derived from Japan, not China, SAN's Organic Matcha Supreme showcases a vibrant light-green color with robust flavor and aroma.

For the highest-grade ceremonial matcha, your search ends here. SAN has been manufacturing premium supplements for over 26 years, ensuring we deliver on our promise with expertise and knowledge.

Why not start your day with a refreshing morning ritual featuring SAN's Organic Matcha Supreme?

Its delightful umami flavor will awaken your senses while providing clean and sustained energy throughout the day, without the coffee crash.

Our Ceremonial Grade selection offers the bold flavor you adore, complemented by a striking vibrant green color that transforms every sip into a smooth and delightful experience. Whisk or bake with SAN's Organic Matcha Supreme blend to enhance your favorite morning recipes with natural sweetness, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Whether you crave a morning blend, prefer the elegance of ceremonial grade, or enjoy the versatility of culinary grade in your smoothies, our curated and exquisite matcha tea powder delivers the taste, health benefits, and exceptional quality you seek.*