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L-Carnitine Power - Burn Fat More Efficiently

  • Utilize Fat As Energy*
  • Maintain Healthy Metabolism*
  • Improve Cognitive Abilities*
  • Ideal For Vegetarians

Stop Storing Body Fat — Use It!

Effective fat burning occurs through many different pathways, but one of the most efficient ways is to tap into stored fatty acids and dietary fat as an energy source.
Intense workouts are important, but they aren’t the only answer and aren’t always enough to utilize those fat stores. Efficiently using nutrition to your advantage is a big key to the fat-burning success, and L-Carnitine Power is your fat-burning solution.
Carnitine is a renowned amino acid with incredible health benefits, from enhancing the brain’s cognitive abilities to improving overall athletic performance, but its most celebrated and coveted effect is its ability to burn fat—both stored fat and dietary fat.*
L-CARNITINE POWER helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells where it’s used as fuel for energy. Dietary L-carnitine is most often found in red meats, so vegetarians often have limited intake of this crucial amino acid.
L-CARNITINE POWER is the perfect solution for vegetarians and meat eaters alike who aren’t able to gain all the benefits of this fat-burning amino through diet alone or for those who just want to maximize carnitine’s effects.
Use L-CARNITINE POWER to maximize your fat burning efforts, improve your performance, and deliver the results you’ve always wanted.*